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Is SpaceRunner Secure?

Xyicon’s management and technical staff are serious about protecting your data. Security is our number one priority. The most frequently asked question when using cloud-hosted and web-based services is: is all my data safe?

You want your data available at all times whenever you need it. We can do that! Xyicon’s servers provided 99.7% system availability and uptime in 2014!

Xyicon protects your data in the following ways:

  • SSL certificates
  • Server maintenance, Backups, patching
  • Data Redundancy
  • Compliance
  • User roles
  • Privacy
  • Planned outages

SSL certificates – What is SSL and how does it work?

We encrypt all internet data traffic using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that online transactions remain private and confidential. Think of SSL like a key that you need to open a locked door; if the key does not fit the lock, the door stays shut. Online encryption works the same way, making sure that your SpaceRunner user id, password and data can only be seen and used by you. This is how SSL protects your data.


Servers store your data. Think of them like a waiter; you ask a waiter to bring you a glass of water – you ask a server to bring you some data. Xyicon manages these servers, making sure they are secure, upgrading both the software and hardware, and installing anti-virus and malware protection software. Xyicon backs up your data on the servers every 24 hours.

Data Redundancy – what is that?

We live on a restless planet and sometimes things happen. Data redundancy is copying or replicating all data to make sure that a back-up copy always exists. This copy of your data is also stored in a different geographical location for safekeeping. That way, if an incident occurs in Site A that wipes out your data, then Site B still has a good copy of everything you have created. The fancy word for this is called geo-replication. Think of it as a good insurance policy for all your data.

Compliance – how does that work?

There are many national and international regulations and rules that govern standards for cloud computing. Xyicon’s cloud services are certified for ISO 27001. ISO 27001 is an international information security standard and is considered the best practice for security management; it is suitable when information protection is critical for industries in the banking, IT, health and public sectors. Xyicon also participates in annual audits to ensure ongoing ISO compliance.

If you are interested in learning more about the ISO 27001 information security standard, please click:

User Roles – What are they?

You may be the only person using SpaceRunner for your space. However, you may want another user to work with you on a project. SpaceRunner allows you to create a user then set up permissions, called “granting permissions.” You may want a user to only read information and not change anything, so you grant that user read-only permission. You may want to grant permission to another user to both read, create, edit and delete information. Using SpaceRunner, granting permission is easy and you can choose to grant four levels of permission. This feature creates another level of security for your data.

Privacy – what do you do with my data?

In short, the answer is – nothing. Xyicon values privacy and your and your organization’s privacy is a high priority. Xyicon believes that the data that you create in SpaceRunner is yours and belongs to you. Xyicon does not share or sell your data with anyone at any time.

Planned outages – why are outages planned?

Occasionally, in order to patch, reconfigure, enhance or maintain servers, we will plan a time and day for the service downtime. In case of a planned outage, you will receive prior notification from Xyicon Support with time to plan, save and log off SpaceRunner.

Xyicon’s commitment to protecting your data uses all these layers to build a culture of security while protecting your data, projects, shareholders and company assets. If you have questions and want answers, email Xyicon Support -

Shawna Sterle