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How are Projects Used in SpaceRunner?

In SpaceRunner, the Projects feature is a great way to separate and organize the Spaces you manage and their associated data. Security access (who can see and edit the data) is assigned on the Project level. Depending on your needs, Projects can be set up in several different ways.

Multiple Sites/Campuses

If you are managing separate sites or campuses, each location can be its own Project in SpaceRunner. For example, you own the Acme Property Management Company and manage three Home Owner Associations (HOA): Oak Glen, Pine Ridge, and Cedar Grove. We recommend that each HOA would be its own SpaceRunner Project, thus Acme Property Management Company would have three Projects. Within each Project, you would upload the corresponding Spaces (site maps, floor plans, etc.) for each individual HOA. This allows for flexibility in configuring user access to each individual Project.

Multiple Buildings

If you have one (or more) campuses, but multiple buildings, each building may be its own Project in SpaceRunner. For example, you may manage the Harper Memorial Hospital. There are three buildings on the campus: main hospital, medical office building, and central utilities plant. In this case, each building can have its own Project and corresponding Spaces.

Shawna Sterle