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Why are Spaces Important?

An integral part of SpaceRunner is the Spaces feature. A Space is the PDF of your floor plan, site map or image that is uploaded into SpaceRunner. Xyicons, representing your "things" live on your Space. These Xyicons keep track of equipment and asset details including warranties, maintenance performed, part numbers and serial numbers.

You can have multiples Spaces associated to a single SpaceRunner Project. For example, a building with three floors could have three Spaces: Floor One, Floor Two and Floor Three. It's easy to manage several floors of a building and their corresponding Xyicons in SpaceRunner.

Another example of multiple Spaces can occur when there are different areas on a large site such as a multi-resident condominium complex. In SpaceRunner, your Spaces could represent the pool area, recreational room, and residential buildings.

What if you don't have a PDF of your floor plan? It is not necessary to have a full CAD drawing of your facility to have success with SpaceRunner. Our Professional Services team can offer options to help you create or modify a floor plan. Just email us at

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