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Add a Class

Xyicon catalog items are created with a Class assignment, which helps organize the catalog items into categories, as well as provide additional filtering criteria on Spaces and in Grids. Layers on a Space can be toggled on and off by Class. Custom Fields are also assigned on a class-by-class basis. Examples of Classes include Printers, Telephones, Cabling, Rooms, or Plumbing.

Class Create.gif
  1. Select Catalog or Fields on the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Manage Classes icon in the toolbar. The Class Editor window will appear.
  3. Type the class name in the Add New Class textbox.
  4. Click the check ✔ button to save the new class.
  5. Click CLOSE. The new Class will now be available in the Xyicon Designer in the Catalog, on the Layers Panel in Spaces, and for Field assignment in Fields.
Shawna Sterle