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Add to Catalog from Space


Creating new Catalog item from Panel Menu

  1. Click the Catalog icon on the Panel Menu. The Catalog Panel opens.
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right corner. Then the Xyicon Designer screen will open.
  3. Provide Class and Model as these are mandatory fields. (Red asterisks are mandatory fields). If you wish for your Xyicon to display text, please provide this in the Icon Text field.
  4. Choose an Icon Background Color by clicking on the Background Color square.  Adjust the opacity of the background by moving the Opacity Slider.
  5. Choose a color for the picture by clicking on the Icon Color square.
  6. Choose a text color by clicking on the Text Color square. 
  7. Move the Xyicon text by using the up-down-left-right arrows.
  8. Choose an Image by clicking on the icon. You may search for an image by typing key words into the Image Search.
  9. To Allow Boundaries on the Xyicon select Yes.  If the Xyicon is going to be used frequently, click yes on the Mark as Favorite to add it to your Favorites in the Catalog.
  10. Click SAVE.


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