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Add a User and Assign Permissions


Users can be added to multiple projects, and their roles and permissions can be assigned at both an Account level and a Project level. The roles for a user can be modified over the course of a project.

Create User
  1. Click Users  on the Main Menu. The Users Grid opens.
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right corner. The Create User screen opens.
  3. Type in the User’s Email Address.
  4. Click the User’s roles in both the Account Role and the Project Role
  5. If the User needs access to the Billing Portal, check the box under Billing.
  6. Click SAVE.



 Helpful Tip:

A User’s permissions can be edited by double clicking the User record in the table. The Edit User screen opens.

Roles and Permissions


  • User: Cannot manage Users, Xyicon Catalog, or add Projects.
  • Admin: Can access all features in SpaceRunner including managing Users (includes inviting new Users to the account, editing privileges, and deleting access to the account), accessing the Xyicon Catalog (adding new items, editing, and deleting) and managing Projects (including adding new Projects, editing or deleting).
  • Billing: Visibility and editing rights in the Billing Portal. Users with access to the Billing Portal will be able to view and update credit card information, account owner information, and view billing history.


  • None: Has no access into the Project; cannot view the Project from the Projects page.
  • User: Can access Spaces, Xyicons, and Events for a Project. Cannot add, edit, or delete Spaces.
  • Admin: Can access Spaces, Xyicons, and Events for a Project. Can add, edit, and delete Spaces.