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Add an Event


Events are a way to report issues or problems with a Xyicon, track requests, or log maintenance records.

Add an Event

Add Event

1.  Open the Xyicon Quick Edit either from the Space or from the Xyicon Grid (see Edit a Xyicon)                                    

2.  Click the + sign in the Events section of the editor. The Create Event screen opens. (Events is usually towards the bottom of the Xyicon Quick Edit)         

Edit Event

3.  Describe the Event in the Description Field. You have the option of filling in/adjusting the Reported By and Assigned To fields, but it is not required.

4.  Prioritize the urgency of the Event by checking the Urgent check box.

5.  Click SAVE and return to the Quick Edit Panel. The Events section now displays the new event and the Xyicon on the space will now have a flag attached.

EventShawna Sterle