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Add and Remove Columns in the Grids

  1. Open any grid by clicking on the icon in the Main Menu to the left side of the screen.
  2. Click the Manage Columns icon in the upper left corner.  The Manage Columns screen opens.
  3. To add a column, click and drag a column header from the Available Fields box to the Selected Fields and use the scroll bar to see all field options.
  4. To remove a column, click and drag a column header from the Selected Fields box to the Available Fields box.
  5. The column headers can be resorted in the Selected Fields box by clicking and placing in the desired location.
  6. Click SAVE and the grid will automatically add and remove the columns accordingly.

Helpful Tips:

  • Column preferences will save between sessions.  If the grid is closed, then the column preferences will be present the next time the grid is opened.
  • You can access SpaceRunner grids in four different features: Xyicons, Events, Catalog, Fields, and Users.
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