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Copy and Paste Xyicons to and from Excel®


The copy/paste function can be a useful tool to speed up data entry by copying the information from one Xyicon and pasting it as tabular data in Microsoft Excel®.  This function can be used in reverse to move data from Microsoft Excel® into SpaceRunner, thereby reducing the time and energy needed to import data.

It is suggested that you copy/paste from SpaceRunner into Excel® first to gain the field column headers that will be needed to copy/paste back into SpaceRunner.


From SpaceRunner into Microsoft Excel®

1.  Find the Xyicon by either panning to it on the Space, searching for it in the Search Panel, or adding one from the Toolbox Panel.

2.  Click the Xyicon to select it. Press “Ctrl+C” to copy the Xyicon.

3.  Open Microsoft Excel®, click on a cell where you want the field columns to begin and press “Ctrl+V”. The Xyicon fields will display in the header row and the selected Xyicon’s data will displayin the next row.

Helpful Tips:

  • The field columns that will display in Excel® depend upon the Class of the Xyicon that is selected.
  • It may take a moment for the pasted Xyicon to appear on the Space.
  • Each pasted Xyicon will have a unique Xyicon ID.


From Microsoft Excel® into SpaceRunner

1.  Perform the steps detailed above the section “From SpaceRunner into Microsoft Excel® to view the field column headers.

2.  Enter information into the fields keeping in mind each row is a separate Xyicon (there is no need to fill in the ID field; SpaceRunner will auto-assign a new ID upon pasting). The Class, Make, and Model fields are the minimum fields that are required to be copied back into SpaceRunner. These fields much match an item in the Catalog.

3.  Highlight the column header and Xyicon rows and press “Ctrl+C”. 

4.  Open SpaceRunner on a Space and click the cursor where you would like the Xyicons to be placed and press “Ctrl+V”.

5.  New Xyicons will appear in your space with the data that you copied from Excel®.

 Helpful Tip:

  • The greater the number of rows that are selected in Excel®, the longer it may take to have them paste into SpaceRunner.


  • SpaceRunner uses the Class and Model fields to create the new Xyicons.  If a row contains a Class or Model that does not existing the catalog, SpaceRunner will ignore the row and not create the new Xyicon.  

Excel® is a registered Trademark of Microsoft® Corp.