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Cut and Paste Xyicons


The cut/paste function can be a useful tool to speed up moving Xyicons on a Space or between Spaces by “cutting” the Xyicon from one place and pasting that Xyicon elsewhere. This function does not create a new Xyicon; it simply moves it from one place to another.

In the Space

1.  Find the Xyicon by either panning to it on the Space, searching for it in the Search Space, or adding one from the Catalog Panel.

2.  Click the Xyicon to select it or use the multi-select function (see below). Press “Ctrl+X” or right click and choose “Cut” in the dropdown menu to copy the Xyicon.

3.  With the cursor, click where you want to the Xyicon to be pasted and press “Ctrl+V” or right click and choose "Paste" from the dropdown.

4.  The Xyicon will paste.  You may repeat the paste function as many times as desired.


Copying Using Multi-Select

Method 1:

While holding the Ctrl key, draw a box around the Xyicons you wish to select.

Method 2:

Click the Multi-Select button in the Feature Toolbar.  The cursor changes to crosshair, now draw a box around the Xyicons you wish to select.

 Helpful Tip:

  • It may take a moment for the pasted Xyicon to appear on the Space.