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Export Xyicons to Excel


Export your SpaceRunner grids to Microsoft Excel® to create custom cutsheets and reports.

  1. Open the Xyicon grid by clicking on the Xy icon in the Main Menu.
  2. If you wish to rearrange your Columns before exporting, click the Manage Columns icon in the upper left corner to add or remove columns in Available Fields and Selected Fields.
  3. Use the grid filters to filter the grid to show just the Xyicons you wish to Export.
  4. Click the Export icon in the upper right corner.
  5. The Excel® file will download onto your computer.
Export grid to Excel.gif

Helpful Tip:

  • Columns, filters, or sorts that are present in the grid will export to the Excel file.
  • The Export grid feature is available in the following grids:  Xyicons, Events, Fields and Catalog.


The Export feature works with Windows 2007 and above.

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