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Edit a Boundary

This feature will allow you to change the shape and size of a boundary, and move its location within the space.


1.  Click the Xyicon for the boundary you wish to edit and the Xyicon Menu Bar will appear.

2.  Select the Draw Boundary button (square pencil icon). This puts the boundary in Edit mode to Edit Points, Add Points, or Move a Boundary.


3.  Edit Points or Change the Boundary Shape by selecting the corner anchor points and dragging.

Draw Boundary 2

4. Add Points to the Boundary by clicking once anywhere on the boundary line (a crosshair will appear when you hover over the line). The new point can then be dragged to any location to change the shape of the boundary.

Draw Boundary 3
Draw Boundary Move

5. To Move the Entire Boundary to another area,  click inside of the boundary (an arrowed crosshair cursor will appear), then hold to drag the boundary to another area on the space.

Editing Boundaries Video Tutorial

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Shawna Sterle