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The Quick Edit panel displays when a Xyicon is selected in a Space or in the Xyicon Grid. Details about the Xyicon are shown and can be edited. The Quick Edit panel is organized into sections, which can be collapsed by clicking the bracket arrows on the right side of each section. Further descriptions about each section are listed below.
See also: Edit a Xyicon & Copy and Paste Xyicons.


A - Top Section:
Icon Display | Xyicon ID | Catalog Class, Make, & Model
Change the Xyicon's model by clicking on the Icon in this section.


B - Fields Section:
Contains attribute data about the Xyicon. Various Field Types are included depending on the type of data that needs to be stored. Click to the right of the field label to add and edit the data. 
See also: Edit the Quick Edit Field Order.


C - Linked Data Section:
Fields linked by boundaries (an Enterprise feature), such as those for rooms and departments, will appear here. This data is inherited from the boundary the Xyicon is placed in.

Links Section:
D - The Port Label, Class, Make, and Model are displayed for Xyicon-to-Port Links (for example "100 A" is the Port Label on the Low Voltage Xyicon).
E - The Xyicon ID, Class, Make and Model are displayed for Xyicon-to-Xyicon links.
See also: Create a Xyicon Link

F - Documents Section:
Attached Documents and Photos are displayed in this section. Photos will appear as thumbnails, while other documents will be listed with a file type icon. Click the Pencil in the Documents Section header bar to add a new file.

G - Events Section:
Events associated with the Xyicon will be displayed. Click a row to Edit or Complete/Close an existing Event. Use the (+) icon in the Events Section header bar to add a new Event.
See also: Add an Event

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