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Search on Space

This Feature allows you to search from all Xyicons located in the Space you are currently viewing. In addition, the advanced search option provides choices that will narrow your search.

2019-09-10 18_27_14-Window.png

Select the Search icon from the Panel Menu on the right hand side of your space. The items that are available to search from will appear.

  1. In order to do a broad search of the Space you are currently viewing use the Search on Space bar located at the top of the side panel. Once you have clicked a single search result, SpaceRunner will focus the selected Xyicon into the view.

  2. In order to make an Advanced Search click the microscope icon located in the upper right hand corner of the side panel.

  3. From here you can further narrow your search by selecting a field as well as its specific value.

2019-09-10 18_26_58-Window.png
Jason Chavez