SpaceRunner Support





Projects are a way of organizing your data for reporting and timeline purposes. From the view projects panel, select add a project from the gear menu.




An integral part of SpaceRunner is the Spaces feature. A Space is the PDF of your floor plan, site map or image that is uploaded into SpaceRunner.



Navigate Spaces

You can have multiples Spaces associated to a single SpaceRunner Project. Learn More


The Catalog is where new classes and models are created and where the colors of icons and boundaries can be added or changed. Learn More



A Xyicon is a visual representation of an asset; the asset could be a piece of equipment, an item, or a thing.


Boundaries are a way to differentiate between rooms, departments, or other areas in your space.

Linking Xyicons

Links can be created between two Xyicons to establish a connection or relationship between them. Create Xyicon Links

Xyicon Toolbar

Markups allows you to select an area of the Space to include any additional information or comments you need to share with other team members. Learn More


Space Editor

Xyicon Grids

Excel Add-In


Events are a way to report issues or problems with a Xyicon, track requests, or log maintenance records.