Release Notes
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Release Notes

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We are continuously improving SpaceRunner based on your feedback. Here's a list of all the key features and enhancements we have released to date. Click a link below to learn more about a feature or enhancement.

Release DateFeatureRelease Note Link
February 2022All Modules, Space EditorEasily update Boolean values for multiple records
Catalog Item, XyiconsAdd multiple rows of text to your Catalog Item icons
MarkupMarkups - Say hello to our new Callout markup
PortfoliosPortfolios - Import your Portfolio Field Updates from Excel
Space EditorSpace Editor - Export a selected area of your space as a PDF file
January 2022BoundariesBoundaries - Import your Boundary Updates from Excel
Catalog Panel, Space Editor, XYICONS ModuleCatalog Panel - Mark Catalog Items as Favorite
User InterfaceSpaceRunner Help Menu gets a Facelift
ReportsImproved Report format to differentiate between *.xlsx and *.csv
December 2021FilterFilter using your Note and Comment Fields
Xyicons, Links, Space EditorMove Xyicons between Ports without breaking the Link
User SettingsRestrictions on removing yourself as a SpaceRunner Organization Admin
LinksEnhanced the Create a Link popup
November 2021Xyicons, Space EditorRemap Ports when Changing a Xyicons Model
BoundaryConvert a Boundary from One Type to Another
Report, XyiconsIntroducing Linked Xyicon Report
XyiconsImport Xyicon Updates to Your Entire Organization
Space Editor, MarkupChange the Color of an Existing Markup
User InterfaceUI Improvements
October 2021Links, Xyicons, Space EditorEmbed Xyicons in Bulk
Links, Space EditorView Off-page Links
Markup, Space EditorDisplay Markup Details
User InterfaceOther Improvements
September 2021Links, Xyicons, Space EditorLookup Fields - A new way to create Links between Xyicons
Badges to Indicate Different Field Categories
PortfoliosConvert a portfolio from one type to another
Duplicate Portfolio
XyiconsCreate Unplotted Xyicons from inside the XYICONS module
Import Xyicon Data Updates from Excel
User Interface, Application PerformanceOther UI and Performance Improvements 
August 2021Module Settings, FieldsAdding Fields to Layout - Admin Feature
SpacesChange a Space's Type
Space Editor, LinksNew and Improved Create Link Interface
July 2021Module Settings, Types
Customize Card Layout and Tooltip Text for Catalog, Xyicon, and Boundary Types
Space EditorImprovements to the Space Editor - New Shortcut key to Pan
ViewsOrganize your Views using Folders
June 2021Catalog, Xyicons, SpaceEditorIntroducing Model Icons! 
New Process to Create Catalog Items
May 2021Space Editor, MarkupImprovements to Space Editor
Documents, All ModulesNew Document Formats - All Modules
Reports, User InterfaceSharing Reports became a lot easier
Views, User InterfaceViews - Redesigned User Interface
April 2021Calculated Fields
Calculated Fields for Boundaries
User Interface
Improvements to User Interface
Space Editor
Introducing Boundary Merge!
March 2021ViewsIntroducing the new and improved SpaceRunner Views! 
Space Editor
Improvements to User Preferences
Unembed multiple Xyicons
Dock panels in the Space Editor 
All ModulesLast Used View
February 2021Reports, ViewsDrag and drop columns when defining views and reports
ReportsSelect your new report’s module from the Action Bar
MarkupAdded word wrapping capabilities to the Text Box and Shape markups
Arrow and Line Markup – Change line thickness
Space Editor, CaptionsImproved our boundary caption positioning algorithm
User PreferenceImprovements to User Preferences
January 2021Markup
Add text to the Cloud and Shape Markups
Arrow and Line Markup - Change line style
Change a markup's background opacity
Introducing the Text Box markup
Space Editor
Snap-to-Angle for Boundaries
November 2020User InterfaceFields that contain multiple values are now displayed as a list
FiltersImprovements to the Filter Tab
Space EditorSnap to Grid
Space Editor, ViewsSpace Editor Views
October 2020Conditional FormattingConfigure formatting rules for fields
User InterfaceEasily find values in single-select and multi-select fields
Calculated FieldsCalculate the area of a boundary using calculated fields
Space EditorChange the scale of a space from within the Space Editor
Redraw boundaries in the Space Editor
ReportsRun user-defined reports
Xyicons, LinksNew indicator to show links on xyicons
Unlink linked xyicons
September 2020Update Multiple ObjectsBulk edits are now possible on all modules
Space EditorCut, copy, and stamp xyicons, boundaries, and markups
XyiconsNew Space Editor toolbar item - Unplotted Xyicons
DocumentsDocuments connected to catalog items are also displayed on xyicons
August 2020SearchIntroducing Portfolio Wide Search
Space EditorCopy objects to and from the Space Editor
Calculated FieldsUse calculated fields on xyicons
July 2020Space Editor3D Tilt
Space Editor, BoundariesAdd boundaries to your space
Space Editor, XyiconsAdd xyicons to your space
FiltersBasic and Advanced Filters for all modules 
SecurityChange your password from within SpaceRunner
SpacesCreate, edit and delete spaces
LinksCreate links between objects
ViewsCreate views for different workflows
Catalog, XyiconsDefine a Ports Template for catalog items
Space Editor, ExportExport your space as a PDF file from the Space Editor
SpacesIntroducing Space Versions!
PortfoliosPortfolio module replaces Projects in SpaceRunner version 4
Space EditorSpace Editor - Added new functions to the Catalog panel
Space Editor - Layers and Captions
SpaceRunner APISubscriber Feed
MarkupMarkups to annotate spaces
Space EditorView your space in the Space Editor (formerly Space Viewer)
Module Settings, TypesXyicon Class renamed to Xyicon Types in SpaceRunner version 4

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