SpaceRunner Support

Release Notes

February 2, 2016

•    A Multi-Select button has been added to the Space. When clicked, the cursor changes into a crosshair to draw a box around Xyicons to highlight them.
•    By clicking on the dropdown in the upper right of the browser, you can edit your profile, chat with support, or access the help center.
•    Cut, copy, and paste are now available on the right click menu in the Space.
•    When a catalog item is cloned, the Class will now clone as well.
•    When a catalog item is edited, it will now stay selected on the grid.
•    You can now add a column in the Xyicon grid that displays the Xyicon’s image and color.
•    Boundaries now export to the PDF.
•    The Quick Edit panel has been enhanced to include buttons to edit and delete the Xyicon and to draw boundaries.
•    The Navigator window button has been moved from the panel bar to the grey header bar in the Space.

•    Information entered into Quick Edit will now save automatically.
•    Grids will now resize easier.
•    Zooming now operates properly in IE and Firefox.
•    Fields are now displaying properly in the Events grid.

November 25, 2015

•    Xyicons can now be cut/pasted from one Space to another.
•    Xyicons can now be multi-selected by holding down the “Ctrl” key and clicking on the Xyicon.
•    Multi-selected Xyicons can now be dragged and dropped as a group.
•    The Space Uploader has been simplified and streamlined.
•    Xyicons can now be unselected by clicking anywhere on the Space or pressing the “Esc” key.
•    The “Delete” key will now delete a highlighted Xyicon.

•    A user’s permissions now save correctly.
•    Layers will now save for future sessions.

October 27, 2015

•    PDF Upload is now working properly in Internet Explorer when used on a Windows Tablet.
•    The Projects page is now centered on screen.
•    The Catalog search in the Space is now searching for all catalog fields, not just model.
•    When switching between the Space tiles and a grid and back, the Space tiles are now displaying properly.

October 24, 2015

•    Long notes fields will display with a scroll bar on the Quick Edit panel.
•    When using a touch screen in Spaces, a panel will now open with one touch instead of two.
•    Various IPad and touch issues have been resolved.

October 16, 2015

•    Long notes fields will display with a scroll bar on the Quick Edit panel.
•    Admin rights can now be properly assigned to users.
•    Leader lines for hidden captions will no longer appear.
•    Captions will now display the proper fields for the Xyicon.

September 25, 2015

•    Adding Xyicons onto a Space using a touch screen or tablet has been made smoother.
•    Fields that have been removed from a Class are no longer displaying on Quick Edit.
•    The Save button always displays now on the Xyicon Editor.
•    Custom fields with the same name as Classes will now display properly.

September 23, 2015

•    Deleting a Xyicon on a Space using a touch monitor has been enhanced to work more smoothly.

September 22, 2015

•    User created Xyicon fields that have been excluded from a Class will not appear on Xyicon Editor or Quick Edit.
•    All Classes now display on the Layers Panel.

September 17, 2015

•    The Date fields have been enhanced to function better.
•    The zoom levels on the Space have been enhanced to zoom more smoothly.
•    When uploading a Space and Model or adding a Catalog item, the text boxes for Space Name now display without having to hover over them first.
•    The Field order will now be displayed properly in Quick Edit and Captions.

September 15, 2015

•    The User’s Grid now properly displays when filtering by Status.
•    Events can now be deleted from the Space.

September 8, 2015

•    Custom Fields: You now have the ability to add, edit and delete fields in SpaceRunner. The fields are then available throughout the application including the Quick Edit panel, Xyicon Editor, and Xyicon and Events grids. For more information about this feature, please click here to access the how to section on the Support Center.
•    Space Preferences Saved: In the Space, Layers and Captions settings will now be saved even between sessions.
•    Various bugs were fixed with PDF Export
•    IDs now display properly in Search results
•    Captions now update if a field value is changed in the Quick Edit panel
•    Serial number field is now clickable in the Xyicon Editor

August 27, 2015

•    Quick View Edit: The Xyicon fields are now editable from the Quick View Panel in the Space.  Just hover over the field and click to edit.
•    Saving Grid Preferences: If columns are added or deleted to a grid, those preferences will now be saved, even between sessions.
•    Nav Bar Highlights Current Feature:  When a feature is active, the feature icon on the nav bar will highlight blue.

•    Firefox Fixes: Various fixes were made to improve the SpaceRunner experience using Firefox.
•    Mobile Platforms Optimized: The SpaceRunner experience using a mobile platform has been enhanced.

July 17, 2015

•    Newly Added Scroll Bar for Grids: When adding several columns to a grid, a horizontal scroll bar will appear so that you can scroll and see all columns.
•    New Xyicons: New medical equipment, personnel, and department Xyicons were added.
•    Added Class Field in Event Grid: A Xyicon’s Class can now be added as a column in the Events Grid.
•    Enhanced Tool Tips: When hovering over an icon in either the Nav Menu or the Space Panel Menu, the tool tip labels are now a little larger and easier to read.
•    Notes Field Unlimited Characters: There is now no character limit in the Notes field.

•    Save button on Edit User: Instead of having to click SAVE twice, updated data is saved by clicking on SAVE one time.
•    Event Grid rows not deleting: An Event now deletes by either double-clicking a row in the Event Grid and clicking the DELETE button or by highlighting the row and clicking the delete icon.
•    Wrong characters after commas in Note field: If you have a comma in the Notes field, no unexpected characters display when you export the space to PDF.
•    Xyicon data not saving on the floor plan: After editing in the Xyicon Editor and clicking SAVE, the data now displays properly in the Quick View panel and in Captions.
•    Left Navigation not toggling: By clicking on the Spaceman icon in the upper left corner of the Nav Menu, you can now expand the Nav Menu.
•    Edits to Events not saving: Any edits made in the Edit Event popup are now properly saving.

June 23, 2015

•    Updated Drawing Upload: Users will still upload a PDF when adding a Space. However, they will be able to select the size of the Xyicons displayed in the Space.
•    Additional Fields in the Event Grid: Users now have more fields to select when in the Event grid. These include Priority, Placement, Space, Cost, and Project.

•    Leader Lines are Hidden: When a user has turned off the Xyicon layer and Caption layer, the leader lines from the caption to the Xyicon are no longer visible.
•    Hidden Xyicons Cannot Be Moved: When a user has turned off the Xyicon layer, all Xyicons are locked in place and cannot be unintentionally moved when clicking in the Space.
•    Completed by and Reported by Saving: When reporting an Event, the “Completed by” and “Reported by” fields can now be saved.

June 4, 2015

•    Date format in Xyicon Editor is consistent with other areas.
•    When an Event is deleted, the Xyicon Grid will update with correct information.
•    After deleting a user, the edit window will now close.
•    Now when adding or sorting columns in a Grid, the order your columns appear will match the order you designated in the field selector window.
•    On the Catalog Panel, the search has been expanded to search for model and keywords in an icon description.
•    Events can now be deleted from Event edit.
•    When a search record is chosen on a Space, the caption will wiggle along with the Xyicon to indicate location.
•    The Xyicon Editor Grid now has a field for “Placement”.

May 20, 2015

•    Restored functionality and improved user interface in Internet Explorer.
•    All items in a grid will now fully export to Microsoft Excel™.
•    A warning/confirmation message will now appear before a Space with Xyicons that can be deleted.
•    A warning/confirmation message will now appear when deleting a record from the Xyicon grid.
•    When a Xyicon is deleted, all associated Events will now delete.
•    Deleted Xyicons do not appear now as records in the Search Panel on the Space.
•    Records can be deleted in the grid by selecting the row and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.
•    Events now display more information in the Quick View Panel on the Space and are clickable to view the edit screen.
•    Events now sort in both the Xyicon Editor and the Quick View Panel with Urgent and Open issues displaying first, followed by Open issues, then Closed issues by date.
•    The Contact field was added as a column choice in the Xyicon grid.
•    A cancel button (“X”) was added to the Projects popup.
•    The Catalog grid can now be exported to Microsoft Excel™.
•    A loading status animation will now display on all pages (watch for the SpaceRunner!).
•    Account admins are now given automatic admin rights to all projects.

May 5, 2015

This release of SpaceRunner may require you to clear your browser’s cache.  For instructions on how to clear the cache in your browser, please see the article in the’s “How to” section.
•    Event Icons: Xyicons with reported Events can easily be identified on a Space by looking for a flag. By clicking on the Event icon, you can get a description of the Event and edit any details.
•    Create New Xyicon in Space: Catalog items can now be added from the Toolbox while in a Space. A popup window will allow a user to select an image, color and add other necessary information.
•    Projects Popup: Accounts/Projects are now located in a popup to simplify the user's experience in SpaceRunner.  It is now clearer which Account the user is in and which features they have access to in that account.

•    Error messages have been made clearer to users who are attempting to change their password or verify a new user.
•    Fixed the issue with Event data not updating in Xyicon Editor.
•    When attempting to delete a Space with Xyicons placed, a popup has been reinstated requiring the user to confirm the deletion.
•    PDFs are exporting with Xyicons in their proper places.
•    Caption fields now appear correctly in the Space.
•    Improved security permissions for Projects, Spaces, Catalog, and Users.
•    Restored the Column manager icon to the Catalog grid.
•    A date may now be typed into a Date field rather than having to be chosen from the calendar.
•    The Notes field is visible on the Xyicon Editor in Internet Explorer.
•    The Walk-Thru Help icon is now visible in Internet Explorer.
•    A pending, unregistered user can now be deleted from the Users list.
•    The Account features, such as Catalog and Users, now only display the feature name, not “feature name: project name”.
•    When attempting to delete a Catalog item that is in use, a popup has been reinstated preventing the action and informing the user to delete the active Xyicons first.

•    The Event notification email will now have additional information including: Priority, Account Name, Project Name, and other information about the Xyicon.  Additionally, the email will contain a link to view the Event in SpaceRunner.
•    There are new images available in the Xyicon Designer: blank square, artwork, and person.
•    Users can now reset their password when logged into SpaceRunner by clicking on their user profile, clicking “reset my password” and following the prompts to check their email
•    Xyicon Designer has been updated. The color palette has been made larger and the image section has been extended to view more images in the window.
•    Xyicon Editor has been redesigned to make the fields clearer, Events more visible and easier to add and overall look and feel more updated.
•    The Layers Panel in the Space has been updated to include Xyicon Classes. Now, Xyicons can be turned on/off based upon their Class (i.e. Agriculture or Technology)

April 15, 2015

•    Exporting the Events Grid: The Events Grid is now exportable to Microsoft Excel.
•    Xyicon Designer Enhancements:  The Xyicon Designer in the Catalog has been enhanced to include a gallery of icon images and a larger color palette. 
•    Exporting the Catalog:  The Catalog is now exportable to Microsoft Excel.
•    Spaces Gallery Edit Options:  In the Spaces Gallery, edit options have been added including editing a Space’s name, adding or editing notes, and viewing the PDF scale for the Space.  These options can be accessed through the pencil icon on the Space tile.
•    Space Quickview Panel now includes Events:  When a Xyicon is selected on the Space, now the Events for that Xyicon are listed in the Quickview panel.  Each Event can be clicked on to view the edit screen.

•    Adding an Event: The “Created By” now defaults to the user adding the Event.
•    Editing an Event:  All fields are now loading and saving as expected.  The “Completed By” date field can now be changed.
•    Events Grid:  Only displays Events for the currently selected Project.
•    Event Notification Email:  The “Assigned To” user will now receive an email when an Event has been assigned.
•    Deleting a Catalog Item:  When attempting to delete a Catalog item that has been placed on a Space, an alert will appear noting the item cannot be deleted if in use.

March 27, 2015

•    Xyicon Designer: Corrected issue with Xyicon Designer caching the previous icon image.
•    Sign-Out Link:  The sign-out link has been restored in Internet Explorer.
•    New Event Page:  Now, only registered users will be available in the Assignee dropdown.
•    Xyicon Grid Export:  All pages in the grid will now export as one file.
•    Captions:  When new Xyicons are added to a Space, the Captions will automatically update.
•    PDF Export: If Class was selected in the Caption, it will now export. The caption placement on the PDF matches the Space.
•    Deleting a Xyicon with a Mac:  Both the Backspace and the Delete buttons can be used to delete a Xyicon.
•    Spaces and WebGL:  If a mobile device does not support WebGL in Spaces, a warning message will now appear.